Board of Directors

Meet Our Crew

-Dr. James Barbre-

“I do this work because I believe in community and when we work together, everyone benefits”

-Lindsay Freed-


-Ashlee Pax-
-Board Member-

“I joined WCFC because food insecurity and hunger have been close to my heart since I was a child. At a young age, I would collect what I could to donate, and I would volunteer at various food pantries and shelters. With a professional career in the food service industry, I feel I have an avenue to be able to help our community!”

-Deana Cooper-
-Board Member-

“I am honored to serve on the Board of WCFC with a mission to create a caring community where partnership is valued, and to achieve goals to serve not only those in need but those who are working tirelessly to provide valuable resources. It is so rewarding to support initiatives and work together to ensure that no member of our community goes hungry”

Jessica Przybysz-
-Board Member-

“I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have worked in a community/vulnerable population serving positions for 12 years. I believe that giving back to the community is one of the most important things I can do in my career. I’m fueled by collaboration, communication and most importantly – hope. Our community has significant needs and food insecurity is one of them. While Wayne County has several food resources, hunger continues to grow. This board gives me the opportunity to make an impact on a different level and to strategically implement projects that reduce food insecurity and maximize the resources our community has available.”

-Hannah Snoddy-

-Board Member-

I am involved in this work because I want to help create a thriving local food system that connects the community together. 

-Ron Itnyre-

“I got involved with the Wayne County Food Council during the setup of Mary Scott Orchard where I was “invited” to help my friend Jay Barbre.  I helped plant apple trees and installed some of the park benches.  I’m an educator and I appreciate the efforts WCFC has done to educate and train students on how to grow their own food.  First with the apple orchard, where several groups of RCS students were involved in building the support structures and planting the trees, and a more recent project to provide hydroponic growth chambers to STEM teachers at an RCS middle school.  Learning how to grow food is a great way to reduce food insecurity.  As part of the stipulations of the grant, a portion of the food grown in these chambers must be donated to a local food pantry.  Both of these efforts show the students how they can help themselves and their community.”

-Deborah Slack-

-Board Member-

I volunteer to serve on the Board of the WCFC because I am a dietitian, and the mission to equip our community with healthy, affordable, and nutritious food aligns with my heart and soul.

-Moises Zacatelco-
-Program Assistant-

“I do this work because I believe in our community and our collective power to make meaningful change.”